Club Types & Options

Southeast Florida is home to some of the best golf in the country.  There is a perfect option to suit any persons specific needs.  West Palm Beach has many exclusive clubs that a good number of PGA professionals consider home, and the difficulty of the courses reflect this fact.  Also available are many full lifestyle country clubs that allow you to completely immerse yourself in the club, which can provide you social, additional activities, dining, entertainment, and community involvement.  We are also home to some great semi-private and public courses, for the person who would like to have a great course to play right outside their door!  Regardless of your needs, we offer options to fit any persons requirements!  Here is a brief explanation of the different club types and options.

Equity Club Memberships

Equity clubs are ideal for the avid golfer, as they will be the most limited clubs.  This will be to ensure that golf will be available to these members as frequently and with as much ease as possible. In this model, the members are the owners of the club, and will run and make all decisions on the management.  In most cases, the increase of any membership value will be received by all equity members.  These clubs will require initiation and equity fees.  These can range from $10k to as much as $200-300k, along with monthly association fees.  Every club will be different, but possibly all, or a portion, of this will be refunded upon leaving the club.  You can refer to the individual club pages, or the club comparison chart, to get specific details for each club.

Non- Equity Club Memberships

Non-equity club memberships are becoming more common in todays environment.  Many of the benefits of equity memberships are shared, such as exclusivity,  limited membership, and other shared benefits.  The main difference is that the club is run and owned by an outside entity, and all decisions are made by them, not the members.  In the past, most membership fees were not refundable at all upon sale, but this is changing in some cases.  Many of the non- equity clubs are offering a possible refund upon leaving the club.  This is another great option in the South Florida area.  These details can be viewed on the individual club pages as well.

Bundled Club memberships

Bundled clubs will be the next level of membership.  This type of club grants you access to the golf club simply by purchasing a home in the club.  Upon purchase, you will be granted the benefits afforded by the club to all homeowners.  There will be monthly homeowners dues that will be required so the clubs can provide this service.  Though you will not have as exclusive availability to golf tee times as an equity club, it is still a great option to the golf enthusiast

Semi-Private and Public

Southeast Florida has some of the best semi-private and public courses in the country, so why not live by one?  You will have easy access to great courses, and also a minimal monetary investment to do so.  These clubs may have no membership requirements, or a minimal amount to do so.  You will get preferred benefits as a member, but may also need to deal with public tee times being available, which will limit the access of all members.  This is still a great option to become a member of a fantastic number or courses!