The Dye Preserve

The Dye Preserve in Jupiter, FL  33478

Home Price Range: $1 Million – $5 Million (Surrounding Area)

Number of Homes: Golf Only

Number of Golf Holes: 18

Course Designer: Pete Dye

Membership Type/ Requirements: Private Equity.  Invitation Only

Initiation, Equity, Dues:

Call to get membership pricing and specifics, dues typically run around $10,000 per year

*Subject to changes, updates and errors.

Maximum Members: 310

THEAGENT Review: The Dye Preserve is one of the top golf only facilities in the area, and home to a good number of PGA professionals.  With a running list of over 30 professional golf members that call this facility their home, it is one of the hottest golf specific clubs in the nation.  If you want a home in the area, with the ability to join a high level club with exclusivity, this is it!  Also has a great affiliate club list with premier locations throughout the world.

The Clubhouse is in line with the purist golfing nature of the entire facility, and designed to reflect a style popular in the 1920-30’s.  The entire facility is created for the ultimate golfing experience, and this will be apparent from the moment you step foot on the grounds.   You will be tended to as necessary in order to get the most of your experience.  All that is required is respect, love of the game, and membership!

The mission of The Dye Preserve is to provide a private golf retreat for those who share a love for the game and a deep respect for golf’s finest traditions. Facilities, operating practices and governing policies established by the Club are designed to promote a premier golf experience for all members.



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